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mission statement

Mission Statement

Keys to Success will empower with knowledge, courage and compassion to help individuals and their families who have been impacted by addiction of substance abuse. Keys to Success “meets the person” where they are with first contact and celebrate through an integrated approach of mind, body and spirit treatment plans. An individual approach allows us impact each person specifically what they “need and want in recovery.”


The staff at Keys to Success values, dedicates themselves as they assists in locating resources to support each person in and out of outpatient treatment. The “sense of presence “we bring to our work will be rooted in self-awareness and reflection, balance as we recognize our limits. Recovery from addiction comes at different times and stages for individuals and it only comes when they, themselves want it. Our interactions with one another and those we serve, we will practice kindness, clear communication and intentionaly.

Keys to Success honors the courage this path asks of all of us. A necessary component of mindfulness is acknowledging the importance of everyone's roles and through authenticity this treatment program will offer services such as evaluations, individual, family, couple and group therapy sessions.

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