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Our Services

Keys to Success provides a variety of services which includes both group sessions and/or individual sessions depending on the service that you are interested in. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

Level 1 State Licensed services consists of an evaluation/intake and a recommendation for individual and/or group and random UA drug screens. This information will only be shared with whomever a client signs a release form. We focus on getting the client to a level of success and not using altering substances. Counseling is also focused on mental health and lifestyle choices. 

As a qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), services consist of being able to evaluate employees who work in safety sensitive jobs (ex., CDL) who have violated a DOT drug and alcohol program regulation and make recommendations concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercare. 

OWI/DUI evaluations include reports of assessments, recommendation, contact with legal entities and contact with court and DOT. Our goal is to get you back on the road.